Thursday, March 7, 2013

Site helps solo travelers split the bill on shared hotel rooms

The controversial dating site Miss Travel has already offered a way for travelers to find accompaniment while also making savings, and now a new site aims to do something similar. Easynest enables solo tourists to pick a partner to share their hotel room in order to take advantage of reduced rates. Considering hotels charge the same amount for a double room regardless if the guest is using both beds, Easynest helps those who have already booked a room to fill any empty beds with others who share their travel plans. Users first log into the site using their Facebook details, after which they can search for matches and determine if they like the look of the hotel, as well as the potential partner. If they don’t, they can list their own plans to let others find them. Those who have booked can set the rate the other party pays, which is typically 50 percent but can be lower. If a user is interested, they can simply initiate communication through the site. Although the emphasis for the site is on helping solo travelers to save money, Easynest also provides a way for them to make friends – or even find a companion – while they visit a new city. Are there other ways to make travel more affordable through the sharing economy?

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