Thursday, March 7, 2013

Steak and Mushrooms

We seasoned our steaks with a healthy dose of sea salt. We refrigerated them on racks for 24 hours. Then we cooked them in the Egg. We moved the meat on and off the grill to control the heat and ensure uniform cooking. When the steaks were just shy of rare we transferred them to the bed of seared mushrooms and basil, massaged butter all over them, and let them rest. Just before dinnertime we put them back on the grill to finish cooking them to a warm medium rare. Meanwhile we set the pan of mushrooms in the oven to warm. Once the steaks were finished we let them rest again on the bed of warm mushrooms. The juices dripped down and the flavors mingled. We set the steaks on the dinner plates and then spooned the juicy ragout over the tops. As we sat down to eat it was clear that everything had come together in harmony. This time it was steak but the technique lends itself to fish and chops, burgers and sausages paired with mushrooms, grilled squash, roasted asparagus or beans. Use it anytime you want to blend protein and vegetables in order to highlight their combined flavors.

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