Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stylish planning app personalizes suggestions for weekly activities

We’ve already seen Koozoo‘s crowdsourced public video help users see what a location is like in real-time before they decide to go there. For those who have a hectic week to organize, Foresee is an app that informs users of the most opportune moments for a range of activities, to help them better plan their time. Created by BorderLeap, the app uses a number of metrics – such as weather, time of day, location and learned user preferences – to determine the optimal time of the week for a particular activity. With individual profiles for sunbathing, running, swimming, golf, hiking, walking the dog, gardening, kite flying, and other outdoor pursuits, the app is able to suggest the best time in the next seven days to do them. Although the app comes with pre-loaded profiles based on preferences for the average person, these can be tweaked to cater to personal tastes – for example, some users may enjoy running in the rain rather than clement weather, or early in the morning rather than after work. On top of this, the app is designed in an intuitive and slick infographic-style manner. Foresee is for USD 1.99 from the App Store. Are there other ways for smartphones to become even smarter by learning user preferences and personalizing results?

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