Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Color-coded system helps autistic people learn to cook

We’ve already seen how toys such as the Auti can help children with developmental disorders learn to interact with others. Now Match is a color-coded cooking prep system that provides a way to guide autistic people of any age through the preparation of a meal. Developed by Syracuse University graduate Amanda Savitzky for her thesis project, the system consists of a set of preparation tools that are marked to keep things more organized. Since the kitchen can be a messy and overwhelming place for those with autism, the kit includes four color- and shape-coded pots that can be used to separate the different ingredients as well as measure them out. Three extra bowls are numbered and can be used to place ingredients according to their timing in the recipe. A companion iPad app also helps to guide users through the process through customized recipes that are navigated with a simple swipe.

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