Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pepperoni Meatloaf

Alex has a bit of a fetish for pepperoni. There's a pepperoni lasagna in our upcoming book and tonight he decided that my meatloaf dinner would be incomplete without it. Classic meatloaf, at least in our house, is usually topped with a light brushing of ketchup and strips of bacon. Tonight that was replaced with a generous mosaic of Hormel pepperoni. It's our go-to brand for old school pizza, though we do use artisan salumi for our pies as well, and he thought its rich meaty flavor would be perfect for the loaf. Amaya's not yet jumped on his bandwagon so there were two loaves, ketchup topped and the pepperoni special. The little rounds shriveled and crisped in the oven just as bacon would have. They added their own special tang to the proceedings and in the end I was forced to admit that he might be a genius. Pepperoni meatloaf. Try it with your favorite recipe.

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